Wednesday Night Live

The WNL Road Show is back at Toupsie’s Restaurant again tonight. On stage tonight are Jake Worthington – fresh off a number one hit on the radio top one hundred, and fresh off the popular TV program, The Voice. If you listen to radio at all, you must have heard his big hit, “A Lot Of Room To Talk.” Jake is an entertainer .

With Jake Worthington on stage tonight is Sarah Hobbs. This lovely and talented gal grew up, and still lives, in the piney woods east Texas area at Jefferson. And she is country, with a delightful ability to capture the strains of the great female singers of Nashville like Loretta Lynn.

The KACQ WNL show will kick off at Toupsie’s at 7pm and run to 9. Come early if you’re eating or just gettin’ off work, but know this… The second set is always the best one, and it will be on about 8pm. Come see us for the WNL show every week at one of our local Lampasas venues – we’re having great fun bringing music to our town.