Great Fun at WNL

Once again we had great fun at Wednesday Night Live last night with three singers on stools.  The contrast was certainly there with a 30-ish Steven Chadwick with his current chart topping
music on one side, a 50-plus Freddie Pate on the other side with his years of touring and playing more traditional country music, and in between the two was teen-age young Julia Hatfield who is just starting out on a career in country music and already has a song on the
country music charts. You never know where it's going to go in these shows, but we always know that the second set, from 8 to 9pm, is going to be the best. That's where the musicians are more relaxed with the crowd, they begin to harmonize and play and sing background for each other, and they start with the old favorites and “cover” songs. There was one especially crowd pleasing moment when Freddi Pate came up with I'll Fly Away, and not only the other
singers but almost everyone in the crowd was singing along. Not long after that, Steven  Chadwick threw off the “country” mantle and came up with a really great Under the Boardwalk.