Riders Ford Comes to Town

The bus and big band left Oklahoma early this morning – should arrive late afternoon for tonight's 7pm WNL show at Toupsie's.


The Riders Ford Band is one of the fastest rising country music bands in the country. It's a big band with a big song list and big talent behind it, and it's what most of us would call “real country.”  Their breadth of style and talent becomes obvious with the western swing hit “Home to Oklahona” that has been on the charts for the past few months. It's reminiscent of the G. Strait treatment of a solid western swing tune. From there the band moves to a Nashville-style country tune that brings crowds to the dance floor. The band's sets will entertain and be “in charge” from the time they arrive.

If you're a regular for Wednesday Night Live, you'll know the shows vary widely in style from “listening room for talent new and old,” to “songwriters showcases” to “big shows and big talent.” Please know that this one is expected to be in the category of the latter.

If you haven't been a regular or if you're in the “never done it” category, please know that this should be a good place to start.

Riders Ford is a band we expect to see a lot of in the future and Lampasas Radio is really excited that they have agreed to make this trip from mid-Oklahoma straight to Lampasas...just for this show.

Remember, these other things:

WNL comes in a two set box. The first one starts at 7pm.

Intermission includes drawings for Schlitterbahn tickets and gift certificates from local merchants.

The second set is always the best, and its always over about 9pm so you can get home and get plenty of sleep before work tomorrow.

After the show the artists are always happy to pose for pix or to show you their merchandise, sign T-shirts, CDs, etc.

Join us for the free live show, and if you can't make it, remember we will be streaming live on lampasasradio.com.