Tonight–WNL with Clyde

Clyde is a five member band that is sometimes does what is sometimes described as “porch stomp” music, and some call it “swamp funk.” One thing that is sure, it will get listeners bobbing their heads and tapping their feet.


Clyde’s music is all original, written by lead singer Douglas Clyde Martin, who also plays guitar, and sings with a style that sort of reminds you of a sort ofRay Wylie Hubbard style. The band uses guitars, slide, banjo, mandolin,  a Cajonplayed with brushes, a 5 gallon paint bucket kick drum, sometimes a washtub base and, oh yeah, the occasional cow bell..

It is a show the promises to entertain. It begins at 7pm at Toupsies Cajun Restaurantat, there is no admission fee, and if you can’t make it to the show…listen to KACQ 101.9  or from wherever you are.