WNL with Pauline Reese

As this year’s Wednesday Night Live music series gets closer to its end, the Lampasas Radio production this week features Pauline Reese.Pauline Reese has been a Texas favorite since the late 90s, with any number of hit songs. She’s also been a favorite on a lot of duet recordings,
sharing songs with the likes of Willie Nelson and others.She’s always been a superstar at 101.9, and we are proud that she’s agreed to come for our show.

Opening the show at a new, earlier, time tonight will be Dazed and Confused, the music and wit of singer/songwriter Evelyn Billington and the multi-talented local artist, Bobby Starr. They’ll be on-stage at 7pm, followed by Pauline Reese at 8. WNL will continue to appear at Toupsie’s through Dec. 14th, when we’ll close it down for the year. Plan to attend, because we’ve got some great artists planned for these last few shows. If you can’t make the show, tune it to 101.9 FM or to www.lampasasradio.com.