Where do we put this, and what do we say?

It’s a late announcement, but we hardly know how to handle it in our small local publication. It is about a passing of a man we considered a dear friend, and who we had tremendous respect for in his artistry. Last Friday, Brandon Jenkins died in Nashville.

Brandon Jenkins was a “Red Dirt/Americana” singer. He was a big burly guy  with a bald head, a face full of beard, and tattoos over much of his exposed body. He looked as if he should have a black leather jacket and be sitting on a Harley. But, that “look” completely belied what Brandon Jenkins was. Brandon Jenkins was a quiet man, almost shy, and really sweet in nature. He was from Oklahoma, went to school at Oklahoma State where he joined with Cody Canada, Stoney LaRue, Mike McClure and others to start what later became known as Red Dirt music. Over his years he would swap songs and perform with those old friends, along with Willie Nelson, Jason Boland, Randy Rogers and many others.

He was an extremely sensitive and talented singer/songwriter. He appeared here in Lampasas several times in our Wednesday Night Live shows. Sometimes along-side Deryl Dodd, sometimes alone. He wrote and performed several hit songs, among them Finger On The Trigger, My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground (also done by Stoney Larue, Down in Flames, Refinery Blues, Gideon’s Bible, Too Big to Fail, The Flag and another 65 or so others, including
his latest one that is still in the top ten list, Be The Revival.

Brandon Jenkins had to have heart surgery, went into the hospital on Feb. 21st, there were complications, and Brandon died on March 2nd. We will miss his visits to Lampasas, his friendly smile, buried in the big wooly face, and we will all miss his music.