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Tomorrow, we will celebrate the 239th anniversary of a warm July day in Philadelphia, PA when 56 patriots pledged their lives, fortunes and honor to the independence of their newly formed United States of America. The Declaration of  Independence that they created and signed brought them war and difficulty but, with determination, inspiration and a little luck they came out on the other side with the greatest republic the world has yet seen, the good ol' USA.
Many local businesses and offices that are usually open on Saturday, including Radiogram service, will be closed on Saturday for the Independence Day Holiday Celebration.
It's expected that there will be lots of traffic on highways and the Texas DPS has extra patrols on duty with instructions to watch for possibly intoxicated drivers.
Area 4th of July Festivities include the Fort Hood event, which starts early, at 4pm in the afternoon. It's at Hood Stadium located behind the Clear Creek Post Exchange. 
Musical entertainment will include Jon Christopher Davis and Lone Star Attitude Band and 1st Cavalry Division Band will perform from 6-9:30pm.
Concluding this year's party is an extravagant 30-minute fireworks display, starting at 9:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public, but the general public in privately owned vehicles must enter and exit Clear Creek Gate (through the left visitors' lane for access) or obtain a pass from the Visitors' Welcome Center. Drivers and 
The Lampasas Public Library at 201 S. Main—is closed for both today and Saturday to recognize Independence Day.
They'll be back again on Monday with regular services, including Free Wi-Fi and the regular Wednesday Beta Mu Story Time at 10am, then on Thursday, the 23rd, they'll have a scrapbooking class to take care of that drawer-full of photos you're keeping. 
In May, the Austin airport saw over a million passengers go through the facility. The data hasn't been tallied yet but they say it is expected to show even bigger numbers in both June and July. 
The heavy load at the airport is for some obvious reasons. Austin and its suburbs are growing faster than almost anywhere in the state, the economy is improving and people are better able to afford flights, and the services available at the airport are increasing. 
Not so many years ago Austin was a spot where you would get on a plane and fly to DFW, there you'd get on another plane to wherever
We'll be back on Spring Ho Monday when the first day of our festival kicks off at 7:15pm at Brook Park's Outdoor Theatre with the Opening Ceremonies and the annual Little Miss and Miss Spring Ho Pageants. We will broadcast the entire event with Megan Hoyer Achee and Kenny Murray at the microphones, bringing you the descriptions and action at the scene.
On Spring Ho Tuesday the big show will be the Hayloft Party. Lampasas Radio and Hoffpauir GM will bring some of Texas top recording artists, as

May Storms Brought Fed Loans

Friday, 03 July 2015
In addition to various charity relief efforts and state expenses, we received information from the Federal Small Business Administration (SBA) that they had approved $886,800 in disaster loans for Texas businesses and a whopping $30.6 million in residential disaster loans...all from the May floods, tornado and wind damage. The loans went
Looking over the rainfall records, we find that two of the first 6 months of 2015 brought us better than average rainfall. January was .26'' above normal with 1.96'' and May was 4.7'' above normal with its 8.9'' of rain.
On the negative side, Feb. brought just .1'', March 2.23'', April 1.89'' and June .94''. These months were all in the deficit column and

Enjoy the 4th

Thursday, 02 July 2015
But Watch Kids Around Water
Lakes are full and rivers are flowing this July 4th. Already, 36 children have drowned in Texas this year, including three siblings - ages 9, 10 and 11 - who were pulled last week from an apartment pool in Irving. Apartment pools provide quick and convenient relief from the heat, but typically don't have lifeguards so extra caution is needed. Children should always be watched around pool gates and enclosures. 
With the state's recent widespread rainfall, water levels in lakes, rivers and creek beds are high, posing more danger to children - particularly toddlers - who are not properly supervised. In rural areas, stock ponds can also be dangerous. 
"Drowning is not what you think – it's quick and silent and happens before you know it," said Judge John Specia, commissioner of the 
For those kids who'd like to enter the Kayak Races at Brook Park during Spring Ho Saturday, and don't have a ghost of an idea how to operate a Kayak, here's the deal for you:
On Saturday afternoon from 2-3pm, at the nearby Inks Lake State Park, they'll have a Kids Kayak Clinic. Its for kids at least 10 yrs of age and there's a

Extension Service Webinar Today

Thursday, 02 July 2015
Texas Water: Basic Law and Current Hot Topics” will be the subject of the July 2 webinar by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service ecosystem science and management unit.
“The webinar is a part of the Texas Range Webinar Series that's  on the first Thursday of each month from noon to 1pm,” said Pete Flores, webinar coordinator in Corpus Christi.
The presenter for this webinar is Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, AgriLife Extension agricultural law specialist, Amarillo.

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