It's Friday!

Because it’s a Spring Break weekend, there’s still, or perhaps more than usual, reason for caution on Texas highways. Many people who were on Spring Break on the coast or at state or national parks, or even at Gramma’s house, may be headed home tired and sleepy this weekend. That’s plenty of reason for caution for travelers, say the TxDOT troopers who patrol our highways and see tragic accidents along the way.

“We encourage Spring Breakers to plan ahead for a sober ride before the party starts by finding safe alternatives to drinking and driving such as calling a taxi or using a transportation app on their smartphones, using mass transit, asking a sober designated friend or family member for a ride (a sober designated driver is not the person who has had the least to drink, it’s the person who has not consumed any amount of alcohol), or simply staying where you are.  Visit for a full list of alternatives.  

Drink. Drive. Go To Jail.”