The Weather

High yesterday was 79°  The low this morning was 55°

Today: Sunny, and up to 69° with NW wind at 15 mph and gusting a little.. 

Tonight: Overnight it will be mostly clear, a little chilly, down to the low 40s with N-NW wind 5-15 and gusting to 20 mph. 

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near 57º with more north wind at 10-15 mph and gusting up to 25.   

Overnight it will get cold, down to 34º by morning, brought in be a light N-NE wind.

The Weekend: Saturday will be mostly sunny with a high near 56º and NE wind 5-10. That will lead into a slight chance of overnight showers and a low in the upper 30s.

Sunday should be partly sunny with a high near 62º and down to 41 overnight.

Next week: A little better weather coming with upper 60s Monday and Tuesday and maybe 70s mid-week.

***The wildflowers are coming soon!