The Weather

The High yesterday 73°              The Low this morning 49°     

Today:  We are under a 100% forecast for more rain today, mostly this morning, with a high temp of about 76º. There is the possibility of more strong S-SE wind coming in at 20-25 mph with gusts that could reach 35 mph. The rough weather warns us of an approaching cold front that could reach us on Thursday.

Tonight:  It should be mostly clear with a low around 49º and S-SW winds could be 10-15 and gusting to 25mph.

Thursday: The sun should be out and the high up to around 63º but the wind will be NW at 10-15 mph and up to 20 in gusts.  Overnight the sky will be clear and the north wind light, but the temperature should drop to 38º by morning.

Rest of the week:  Friday could see highs in the mid-50s and the low overnight, mid-30s behind the north wind.

Saturday will have NE wind 5-10 mph and more mid-50s, down to 40 or just below overnight.

Sunday could get up close to 60º and overnight 40-41º.