The Weather

The High yesterday 71°              The Low this morning 51°  

Today: Partly sunny with the temperature heading up then down from its morning low to about 50 by 5pm as the cold front hits with a N-NW wind around 15 mph and gusting to about 25.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with a low, thought to be about 29° overnight with 10-15 mph N-NE wind gusting to 20.

Friday: A 30% chance of rain will be around for the day and the evening. Starting about noon on Friday a chance of showers and or sleet with the temperature staying in the mid to upper 30s. The low should get down to about 32° overnight, and the generally NE wind will prevail but be fairly light.

Rest of the week: The Saturday forecast is for clouds during the day and a high about 42°, then overnight it will be down to the upper 30s, but there is a 50% chance of overnight rain.

Sunday will get a little warmer, up to 55° or so, but it will probably rain. The daytime chance is 60%, overnight it’s 70%.  

Next week: Monday’s rain chance is down to 40%, with a high near 67° and south winds. The rain chances gradually go away by Tuesday afternoon and we look for 60° highs to mid week.