Local Area Sales Tax Report

The 6% increase in Texas sales tax collections overall seemed about right, but a little spotty in Central Texas.

In Lampasas Co. the collections made at local businesses in December that was turned over to the state in January averaged a few per-cent higher than the previous year.

The City of Lampasas got a rebate check from the state for $173,883, which was 1.29% higher than the year before.

The City of Kempner got a check for $10,617, which was 11.91% higher than last year, and the City of Lometa’s check was for $7,704, which was up 5.32% from last year.

The City of Burnet saw their check come in for $226,406, which was up 6.17% from last year.

The City of San Saba on the other hand, saw its check come in for $52,175, and that was down 16.04%.

Goldthwaite got a check for $48,760, way up at 13.37% from last year’s check at this time.

Copperas Cove’s big check for $502,574 was down a bit at -.13%.

Hamilton Co. did well with Evant’s sales tax up 10.11% and Hamilton’s up 30.2%.