The Weather

The High yesterday 70°        The Low this morning was 44°        

Today: Cooler today, mostly cloudy with a high near 56° and NE wind 5-10 mph. 

Tonight: A slight chance of sprinkles from 9pm to midnight, then possible showers after midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low of 41° and NE wind 5 mph turning calm after midnight.

Thursday: A 20% chance of rain before noon, then cloudy with a high of 55º and S-SE wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight, a 30% chance of rain after midnight, mostly cloudy with a low around 45° and S-SE wind 5-10 mph.

Friday we see a 70% chance of rain and a high near 56° with S-SE wind still at 5-10 mph. Overnight the rain chances stay at 70% with a low of 46º and the wind will shift to NW after midnight.

Stock Show Saturday will be windy and cool with N-NW wind at 10-15 mph and a high around 53°.

Sunday, the weatherman calls for sunshine, but cooler with north wind 5-10 mph and a high of 49°.