District Court Notes

Lampasas Courthouse was the site of a 27th District Court Docket Call on January 4, 2019. Presiding over the court was 27th District Judge John Gauntt. There were 34 cases presented by Lampasas county and City lawmen and the County Attorney’s Office.

Of the 34 cases, 26 of them involved men and 8 involved women. There were 15 cases involving possession of a controlled substance.  There were 2 DWI cases, with one of those being an  intoxication assault case causing serious bodily injury. \

There was one theft case and two cases with theft of a firearm, and one case of evading arrest with a motor vehicle. There were 3 cases of Forgery with two of those to include the elderly.

Crimes causing personal harm included 6 assault cases, all including family or household members. There were 3 cases involving sex crimes; 1 sexual assault, 1 aggravated sexual assault and one indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Of the 34 cases presented to the court, 5 of them were settled with Fidencio Maldonado receiving 8 years deferred adjudication probation plus costs & fees for aggravated sexual assault of a child. Sergius Madrigal was found guilty of DWI 3rd or more and sentenced to 2 years TDCJ w/credit for time served, plus court costs and attorney fees. Kristan Solanas received 4 years deferred adjudication probation for assault of a family member w/previous conviction. Meghan Bray had her probation revoked and will serve 240 days in State Jail w/credit for time served. Tyler Rawlings, on a charge of possession of a controlled substance PG1 1-4 grams, will go to SAFPF, then serve 6 years deferred adjudicated probation as well as pay a $500 fine.