82nd Lampasas Livestock Show Starts Thursday

Stock shows are not a big deal in some towns. A lot of places don’t even have them, but in Lampasas, the annual youth livestock show is a really big deal.

Starting on Thursday, the town is going to see a lot of pickups and trailers in and around town. There’ll be cages in the back of pickups and chickens and rabbits and squealing pigs and well-groomed lambs showing up at the show barn north of town. It will reach a zenith for the number of animals on hand by Friday and the barn will be filled with kids and their families and plenty of uninvolved spectators.

By Saturday night it will be down to the annual premium sale and a fancy dinner and competing bidders who came to eat and bid to make awards to hard working young FFA and 4-H members. There’ll be lots of happy kids, and relieved parents and workers when its all over, and Lampasas stock show will have done it again – one of the best produced and attended small town stock shows in Texas.