Sales Tax Checks in Mail

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has distributed $735 million in sales tax revenue to local governments in Texas. The checks to cities, counties and other sales tax districts are for the part of the tax that was collected by businesses in November and turned over to the state in December. Hegar’s overall report shows the taxes were about 3% higher than for the previous year.

We watch the amounts sent to local area entities because they are an indication of the health of the local economy. **Almost all of our area cities and towns saw their November sales tax collections well below last year.

The City of Lampasas gets a check for $146,008. That is 3.07% below the check for $150,640 last year at this time.

Lometa gets $6,741, which is 5.96% below last year.

Kempner gets $7,996, 18.64% below the $9,828 check they got last year.

Burnet gets $165,054, down 3.42% from last year.

San Saba gets $40,038, down 9.95% from last year.

Copperas Cove gets a check for $373,323, down 4.63% from last year’s check.

Goldthwaite seemed to be different. They get a check for $39,186, some 9% above last year. It could be caused by some anomaly in the reporting data.


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