The Weather


Yesterday’s high 90°     The morning low 71°                                                                       Rainfall at the airport Thursday was only .13 in. and that was typical, but just south of Lampasas there was a small area downpour that left 1.8 inches in an official LCRA rain gauge. The golf course and high school area all received very heavy rainfall.      

Today: An 80 % chance of more rain this afternoon and a high near 86°. The calm wind of morning might get to 5 mph this afternoon.

Tonight: The 80% rain chances continue to about 10pm and the overnight low should get to about 71° with south wind turning calm.

Saturday: More rain is likely with a 70% chance and a high getting up to only about 84°. The wind will have shifted to N-NW but will be light at about 5 mph.

Overnight the rain chances continue at 60% with light N-NW wind and a low of around 69°.

The Long Range:  Sunday will bring the beginning of the end of the rainy spell with only a 40% chance of rain and a high of 85°. The low will drop to upper 60s overnight and Monday will warm up a little in the day and drop to perhaps 67°. The rain chances are all gone by Monday and by Tuesday we could get back to a 90° afternoon high. From that point on, Our part of the world should dry out and warm up again, though it is September and we can look forward to moderate weather.