The Weather


The high yesterday 87°    This morning’s low  73°    Rainfall at the airport Wednesday 1.14 in. Rainfall at the airport to 7am this morning .07 in.

Today: A 50% chance of rain again. Mostly cloudy skies and a high near 88°. The light N-NW wind will be 5 mph.

Tonight: A 40% chance of rain before 10pm, then mostly cloudy with a low of 73° and N-NW wind 5 mph.

Friday: A 60% chance of rain, cloudy and up to about 89° with north wind 5 mph turning SE. This comes as a huge weather system moves northeast across Texas.

Overnight the rain chances go up to 70% as we feel the wind shift to easterly and very light. The low should get down to about 72°.  

The Long Range Outlook:  Saturday will likely be rainy again with a 70% daytime chance, dropping to 40% overnight, but increasing to 60% on Sunday during the day. Most of the rain should be out of here by Sunday night or Monday. The afternoon 80s highs of the weekend should be gone by Tuesday or Wednesday as we get back into the 90s and sunshine again.