If You’re Looking For a Home ...

Consider the name of the town...

An interesting study we came across showed these things:

· In Texas the 22 neighborhoods and communities with the name “Village” in the title earned an average household income of over $174,000.


· The top 5 most common words in neighborhood names in Texas are “City” (45), “Lake” (29), “San” (24), “Village” (22), and “Los” (20).

· Words associated with ocean destinations and seaside escapes, like “Island,” “Beach,” and “Harbor,” had the highest home property values anywhere in America, ranging from $416,000 to over $440,000.

· When it comes to lowest home values, that went to the name “Fort.” Others with low home values were Junction, Rock, Springs, Las, White, Blue, Mills, Union and Mount.

· On the other hand, the cities or neighborhoods that had “Los” in their name had the lowest household income. University, Springs, Las, White, Little, Red, Vista, Union and City were all in the very lowest incomes category.

· In 2017, the median home price across the U.S. was $200,000. 

·  In 2016, census data determined the average household income in America was just over $59,000.

For whatever the above is worth, think about places you know and see if it seems to fit. Or, if you’re looking for a place to live, maybe the above might help you find a place to “fit in.”