Badger Football Tonight

The Homecoming Game


Badger Stadium should be plenty full tonight as, not only students and football fans will be on hand for what is expected to be a good game, it’s Homecoming. Lampasas High’s alumni will be on hand, many with corsages or at least donned in some Badger Blue of some sort.

There’ll be the crowning of Homecoming Queen and King. That will all take place athalftime. Possibilities include for Queen: Kamri Corbin; Monica Garza; Katelin Kozma; Presley Underwood; Sena Kucukkarca and Amy Firgurski. The nominees for  Homecoming King are: Qadir Tolliver; Gio Bienbenu; Eric Flores; Asiel Gary;l Landon Irvin and Dylan Kannon.

And, most important, at 7:30pm there’ll be the kickoff of the Badgers vs the Gatesville Hornets football game.

The Badgers are ready, capable, and certainly deserving of a win tonight. The last two weeks they suffered losses to top rated ball teams Lorena and La Vernia. In the La Vernia game the Badgers played superior football and led most of the game, but lost it by a point in overtime. What a game!

Coming out of it, Badger fans are generally convinced that their team is capable of beating the best of the district and area teams.

Gatesville on the other hand, has also been kept out of most of the winning columns in their pre-district games (1-3). They are probably way better than the results have shown so far. So, it’s a good night to get into Badger football.

Whether it’s in the bleachers or just listening in to KCYL radio’s broadcast at 1450AM or on the internet at lampasas, you should get some good football tonight.

By the way, some are reporting having a problem finding the radio broadcast stream on their cell phone.

Go to, then click on the menu (3 lines) in the upper right hand corner,to find “home.” Then, scroll down below the listen live 101.9 to find lampasasradio1“sports.”  We know, that’s complicated and we promise to make it easier next week.