Lampasas P.D. To Enforce New Alarm Ordinance

On July 23, 2018 the Lampasas City Council approved to amend the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Entitled “Administration” by adding new Article IX, regulating burglar alarm systems.  This Ordinance requires a permit for the operation of a burglar alarm system, allowing municipal suspension of permits, detailing regulations related to operations and reporting related to burglar alarm systems, establishing offenses, providing for penalties and fees for the same.  

Effective October 1, 2018 the City of Lampasas amended fees, to include Appendix A, which includes alarm permit fees takes effect. Any resident or business that does not have a permit for their alarm system within ninety (90) days of October 1, 2018 could be charged with additional fees.   New alarms must be permitted within thirty (30) days of installation.

Each year, false alarms cost the city and its citizens thousands of dollars and take police officers away from actual emergencies.   To lessen the financial impact of unnecessary emergency responses to false alarms, the City of Lampasas adopted an alarm ordinance and program.   The alarm ordinance establishes business and residential alarm code requirements for an alarm system located at the alarm site, the classification of the alarm system (i.e., burglary, holdup, fire, emergency medical, duress, panic alarms, or other) and for each classification where such alarm is audible or silent.  The ordinance further puts into place permit fees, fines and false alarm fines.  

The ordinance requires business and residential alarm users to have a valid burglar alarm permit issued by the City.  

Ordinance 1559

Initial Burglar Alarm Permit Fee and Burglar Alarm Permit Renewal Fee

Residential Permit Fees:
Residential Permit               1 year                     $25.00

Annual Permit Renewal                                     $15.00

Triennial Permit                                                   $30.00


Commercial Permit Fees:

Commercial Permit             1 year                      $50.00

Financial Institute               1 year                      $100.00

Educational/Government                                  No Fee

Late Fee for Renewal or Transfer                     $10.00

Reinstatement Fee                                             $25.00

False Alarm fines, per alarm

First through Third:                                              No fee

Fourth-Fifth (within a 12 month period)         $50.00

Sixth-Seventh (within any 12 month period)                 $75.00

Eighth and beyond (within any 12 month period)  $100.00

Monitoring Company Failure to Verify, per incident $100.00

Appeal Fee, per appeal                                       $25.00

Use of a non-permitted burglar alarm system, per incident $100.00

Use of a burglar alarm system during alarm permit suspension, per alarm                            


Failure to comply or violation of Section 2-356,                                            per incident                           $200.00