City Council Meets

The Lampasas City Council met Monday evening with a full agenda for both the Workshop and Regular sessions.


First up in the Workshop was a discussion of the present lease agreement for the Hostess House with the local Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) chapter and their intentions for the future.  The 25-year lease under which they have been operating since 1994 will end in November of 2019 and their intent to renew must be given by July of 2019.  There was general discussion regarding work and improvements that have been done by the DRT and repairs and upgrades that need to be addressed by both the DRT and the City. 

It became clear that the DRT does want to continue the lease for an optional 10-year extension.  Members of Council and City staff will attend the next DRT meeting to assist in planning, with an eye toward expanding marketing efforts.

On down in the Workshop agenda, Council reviewed last week’s Town Hall Meeting at the Hostess House that was attended by over 100 citizens.As discussed at the meeting, the Police Department and City staff will work up an ordinance request to regulate on-street parking and storage of vehicles, and Council will organize a citizen-based Wildlife Committee to study options for reducing the deer population in the City.  There were no proposed actions regarding livestock in the City, other than to “clean up” some existing ordinances and try to further educate the public.

In the Regular session Council took the following actions:

●conducted a roll-call vote of the Council to adopt the budget for FY 2018-2019 beginning October 1st.  The budget was unanimously adopted.  This was followed by a second roll-call vote on the Tax Rate for FY 2018-2019, also unanimously approved, and then a third vote ratifying a Tax Rate increase that will increase revenues by $99,064.00;

●approved a motion for staff to procure roof replacement for Old City Hall and Municipal Court in an amount not to exceed $45,194.40;

●approved a change-over of life insurance coverage for City employees from Sun Life (who sent a renewal quote with a 33% increase) to Dearborn, that will reduce current premiums by 20%;

●approved an expenditure of $7,490.00 to Trac-n-Trol for modifications to the SCADA system at the Spring Street Pump Station;

●declared a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup used by Parks Department as surplus and authorized disposal;

●approved an agreement between the City of Lampasas and Lampasas ISD to allow the City to provide 3 School Resource Officers (SROs) to LISD with the projected contract estimated at $180,163.11.  The City’s estimated contribution to the program is $118,000.00;

●approved an engineering services contract with Eckermann Engineering for a design to address drainage and erosion issues in the West Ridge Place subdivision, in the amount of $8,750.00;