The Week

Lampasas County Commissioners met at 9am this morning in the courthouse with a full agenda that sees budget adoption and tax rate setting, big buck purchases for the new jail and more. We’ll have a complete report on the meeting in our Tuesday edition.

Lampasas City Council will meet in a workshop session at 5:30pm with much of that meeting to involve discussion on the take away from the recent town hall meeting. They will also discuss the agreement with the DRT on the Hostess house and other items. There will be an early executive session on employee matters. That appears to have to do with the City Secretary position.

In regular session they will consider any action on the matters coming from the town hall meeting, act on matters finalizing the budget and tax rate for the new fiscal year, look at the City’s employee life insurance plan, some action on new equipment and disposing of old, the agreement with the school district for school officers, contracts for engineering for a new subdivision, airport maintenance and it will all be followed by another closed session. This one appears to be discussion on the City Manager position.