Cattle Market Report

cow 8-1-18.png

Lampasas Cattle Auction’s weekly sale took place on Wednesday with 498 head coming through the auction ring. That was up from last week’s 415 head but way down from a big run of 812 last year at the same time.

Bids were $5-$6 higher on feeders while slaughter cattle bid levels were steady.

Feeder Steers                              Feeder Heifers

200-300lbs   $1.48-$1.70/lb    200-300lbs   $1.18-$1.60/lb

300-400lbs   $1.57-$2.09/lb    300-400lbs   $1.33-$1.65/lb

400-500lbs   $1.52-$1.90/lb    400-500lbs   $1.40-$1.76/lb

500-600lbs   $1.39-$1.70/lb    500-600lbs   $1.33-$1.67/lb

600-700lbs   $1.32-$1.54/lb    600-700lbs   $1.30-$1.40/lb

700-800lbs   $1.26-$1.40/lb   700-800lbs   $ 1.14-$1.32/lb

           Slaughter Cows                         Slaughter Bulls

Under 800lbs  $.20-$.30 /lb    1000-1300lbs  $.55-$.72/lb

 800-1100lbs   $.31-$.40/lb    1300-2100lbs   $.72-$.85/lb

1100-1300lbs $.41-$.60/lb     Replacements – No Test

 Replacement Cows       No Test                                    Cow/Calf Pairs    No Test