Ain’t life wonderful! Ronnie Witcher

The most important forecast

Our weather forecast, in a nutshell, says we dry out for the first part of the week, then go back to rain chances.  But…

That misses the most important forecast!


The main forecast calls for mosquitoes, pesky, whining, biting mosquitoes; mosquitoes that seem impervious to everything we do, including torches and candles burning Citronella and cans of Off with the maxi-deet deep jungle formula; mosquitoes that manage to sneak into the bedroom in spite of the closed windows and AC on max and a padlock on the door…and sing to you while you’re trying to go to sleep. Ah, yeah, that’s the real forecast!


Secondary to the above, while we will enjoy the dry-out, who is going to mow the grass and weeds that are growing at light-speed outside my window? - especially since the mower hasn’t been started in a couple months because of the drought and we had about decided to just put in river rocks and cactus.

And lastly, as the sunshine sucks the moisture up out of the ground…it is going to be muggy humid and wives like mine who are comfortable at 65° are going to be turning the thermostat down so the AC is running on marathon mode and OMG the electric bill is going to be high.

Then again, in spite of the occasional miseries of life, we do all agree, it’s so much better than the alternative.  Here’s hoping you enjoy the week. We’re rootin’ for ya. rw