The Weather


Yesterday’s high 87°                   The morning low 69°   

Today: A 60 % chance of rain this morning, perhaps clearing a little early afternoon, and coming back late afternoon. The high should be about 81 and the wind should be N-NE about 5-10 mph, shifting to east at some point this afternoon.

Tonight: The 60% rain chances continue overnight. The low temperature should be about 71° and the east wind will be 5-10 mph.

Saturday: More rain is likely with a 60% chance. The high should be 83° with east wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight the rain chances decrease to 40% with a low of 71° and E-SE wind becoming calm.

The Long Range:  Rainfall chances decrease to just 30% on Sunday as partly sunny skies appear with calm wind and a high reaching 88°.

Monday and into mid-week, as we dry out, the south wind will return along with higher temperatures. We expect around 90° to be afternoon norms. That will likely be uncomfortably humid for a day or two.

The long-long range forecast says rain could come back again late next week.