The high yesterday 86°    This morning’s low  71°    Rainfall at the airport

Today: A 40% chance of rain. Patchy drizzle before noon, then less chance of a shower until about 1pm when the best chances for more rain come. Plenty of clouding all day and a high near 84°. The east wind will be 5-10 mph.

Tonight: A 20% chance of rain and mostly cloudy with a low of 71° and E-SE wind around 5 mph turning calm.

Friday: A 60% chance of rain, cloudy and up to about 84° with east wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight the rain chances stay at about 50% with a low of about 71° and east wind 5-10 mph.  

The Long Range Outlook:  Saturday will likely be rainy again with a 70% daytime chance, dropping to 40% overnight and Sunday morning, then down to 20% Sunday night and Monday morning and finally going out of our forecast next week.