The Blotter

Lampasas Police blotter for Wednesday showed another burglary of a vehicle report at 6:33am. This report came from the 200 block of Riverview. It follows the large number of such reports from Tuesday.

There was a harassment report in the 100 block of W. 1st at 10:44am, then quiet until afternoon.

At 2:49pm a 17 yr old local male was arrested in the 2700 block of Hwy 281S for possession of marijuana in a drug free zone by the high school.

At 4:30pm a criminal mischief report came from the 300 block of N. Park, then a suspicious person report came from the 200 block of E. Ave. D at 6:07pm. More such reports came from the 300 block of E. 5th at 8:15pm and Castleberry at 9:41pm and again on Steele at 9:59pm.

The last report of the day was for criminal trespass in the 800 block of E. 4th at 11:10pm.  

Lampasas Sheriff’s Dept. blotter shows Lometa had a civil matter to attend to, Kempner officers cleared a wreck, worked a few civil matters, an animal complaint, a fraud report and a suspicious person. Out in the county, deputies went out on livestock issues, a few civil matters and an illegal dumping report.

Cove “Funny Money” Problem…Copperas Cove Police say they’ve recently seen an increase in an unusual counterfeit currency. The counterfeit bills have red Oriental style writing on them.  During the investigation it was discovered the counterfeit bills, which were fashioned as $100 bills, were actually “Prop Movie Money”.  “The counterfeit was purchased by a subject on the internet and he claimed to have distributed it at various locations in the city. He claimed that this was done as a form of entertainment.” 

Citizens have turned in several of these bills and a few businesses have encountered the counterfeit currency.        “Do not attempt to spend these counterfeit bills because criminal charges may be filed!”

If you locate any of this counterfeit currency please contact the Cove Police at 254-547-8222.  

The Department is continuing to investigate the incident and say that tips can be made anonymously through the Cove Crime Stoppers tip number (254)547-1111.  

Rabies – Also from Copperas Cove, another case of rabies confirmed inside the city. This time, last Saturday, a raccoon was discovered and subsequently tested positive for rabies. Adding that to the many other cases in Lampasas and nearby communities, we must be careful and be sure our animals are vaccinated.

The Burn Ban has been lifted in Lampasas County. It is lifted until Sunday at 7pm.