The Weather

The High yesterday 77°              The Low this morning 68°            A very nice, less than expected, afternoon high on Monday!                                        

 Today: A 40% chance of a shower or drizzle in the area today, along with a high in the upper 70s, possibly touching 80. The north wind will be 5-10 mph.

Tonight: A 20% chance of a shower before 10pm, otherwise cloudy and down to 69° with the 5-10 mph east wind.

Wednesday: A 40% chance of showers again, most likely in the afternoon. Cloudy with a high about 82° and east wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight, a 20% chance of moisture and down to 69° with the light east wind shifting to SE after midnight.

The rest of the week: On Thursday we see a continued rain chance that is likely increasing Friday and Saturday as the effects of the stormy tropics coming up to us. Rain chances now seen as 50/50 Friday and Saturday and highs in the low to mid 80s.

The current long range forecast believes that the moisture should let up on Sunday and Monday, back to just 20%.