It is 9/11 and We Remember

Ronnie Witcher

Seventeen years ago on this day, at 7:45am our time, we were shocked to see and hear reports on our radios and TV screens of the planes hitting the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.


It was shocking, almost unbelievable, to see the senseless destruction on the screen. I was on duty at the console of Lampasas Radio that morning. There was a TV in the control room and when a listener called me I turned it on to see what was going on. At the same time I heard our radio news network trying to interrupt our programming to break in with the news.

It was hard for me to keep up after that with the hectic morning of news reports and trying to jot down what I heard. The phone was ringing with reports and questions about people they knew or were related to or heard about that worked in the twin towers. At the same time the reports were breaking in about the Pentagon attack and the hijacked United Airlines flight 93 that was headed to Washington but crashed when passengers fought back against the hijackers.

The whole thing was both shocking and depressing to me, and just angering to many. It captured our attention for months.

Now, after these seventeen years, we have much to reflect on. According to our dispositions, some of us want to fight and some of us cry. Others want to study history and events and ask why?

All of us wish for a world where the better angels of wise men and women can come together and find the common ground and peace that we all need.