Cen-TX Rain and Flooding and Accidents

On Saturday the already saturated ground in many places in Central Texas was hit by sometimes heavy rainfall. That continued on Sunday, resulting in flooding in the Marble Falls area where some 8 ½ inches of rain has fallen in the past week, most of it on Saturday and Sunday. Many spots around Lampasas Co. felt the same kind of heavy rain, especially south and west of the city. That brought flood warnings from the National Weather Service, but no serious flooding has been reported. There was a problem with one large pecan tree being uprooted on hwy 281S at Hancock Park.

What did happen was accidents. The first significant incident took place in the 1800 (1.8mi from town) block of Hwy 183/190N  at about noon on Saturday. It involved an 18 wheeler hauling cardboard that hydroplaned in the rain and ran off the road, plowing through the brush. The driver was not injured, but wreckers spent the rest of the day trying to get the truck out. One lane of the highway was completely blocked off for some time and traffic was eased along one side. That resulted in another accident when one driver, evidently not paying close attention to the car in front, rear ended it. One of the two vehicles had to be towed after the crash but no one was hurt. The accident and roadway were cleared sometime after 9pm last night.

Yet another accident, on Sunday, took place about 7:40pm when a northbound 18 wheeler on Key Avenue approached the FM580E intersection. There the truck collided with a sedan that was on the FM580E approach. The crash sent both vehicles off the roadway into a ditch with the truck’s cab resting on a utility pole. Three people were transported to the ER with what were thought to be minor injuries. There was a minor oil leak for firemen to clean up and the big wreckers had to be called in again. The clean up crews were finally leaving the scene about 1am this morning.