Labor Day Weekend Brings Warnings from DPS

AUSTIN – Laura Gonzalez celebrates her birthday every Labor Day weekend, commemorating the start of a new year and the end of summer alongside friends and family. Her husband Rico, however, will forever be absent from these celebrations as he was killed when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver, leaving behind his wife of less than a year and countless other family members and friends.

“We were just starting our lives together,” Laura said. “We had everything to look forward to — our careers, a home of our own, starting a family. All of those hopes were ruined in an instant. The life we dreamed of for our family would only remain a dream. A drunk driver took all of that away from us.”

The story is told again and again – same subject, drinking and driving. The end result so often is that somebody dies.

The DPS says they will have extra troopers on the highways, watching for drunk or tipsy drivers, but many will wind up in jail that consider themselves to be sober. DWI is serious. The fines are high, losses of driver licenses, the cost of attorneys or loss of work, all combine to make a DWI mistake one of life’s very unpleasant experiences.

Have a designated driver, call a cab,  spend the night. Do whatever you have to to stay out of jail and alive!