Comptroller Sends Sales Tax Checks

Retail business all over the state collected sales tax in their stores in the month of June, then sent that money to the state in July. Now, in August, the Comptroller’s office is sending the Cities a check for their part of the tax.

The City of Lampasas gets their check for $170,585, a huge increase of 12.1% over the $152,160 check for the same period a year ago.

Kempner gets a check for $8,584, some 20% down from last year’s check.

Lometa’s check is for $7,160, some 31% down from last year.

(The drops in Kempner and Lometa may have had to do with the erratic reporting of monthly versus quarterly businesses which sometime affect small communities.)

Burnet gets a check for $234,924, up by 8.92%.

Copperas Cove was up 7.62% with a $461,380 check.

Goldthwaite was up 18.91% at $48,869.

San Saba was way down with a $42,049 check. This was down almost 28% in a curious drop. San Saba has been having large increases every month.

Overall, it appears that June business this year, versus 2017, was good for most businesses in Texas. On the other hand, it could be that drought and ag production and sales in general, have caused retail sales in some rural communities to drop this year.

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