An Interesting Water Note

A bit of explanation first: Most of us have vaguely heard of Zebra Mussels, an invasive species that showed up in Texas in 2009 in fresh water lakes. The little rascals showed up in a few lakes first and lots of public info went out asking boaters to check and clean their boats good before putting them in new waters. All that didn’t help much and the little rascals are now reproducing in 14 Texas lakes, including Stillhouse Hollow…from whence comes out water.

We learned that a problem at our intake on Stillhouse that belongs to the Kempner WSC had showed up recently. We take the below public information from the KWSC website:

“Kempner WSC would like to provide you a quick update regarding the urgent plant maintenance that has been ongoing for the last week and a half:

● Zebra Mussels were removed from the raw water intake

● New membrane filters were installed

● Divers removed silt from around the raw water intakes

● Maintenance on the aeration system in the clearwell storage tank

Due to the above maintenance projects at the KWSC water treatment plant, Central Texas Water Supply Corporation has graciously provided 100% of all drinking water to KWSC and

Lampasas. The maintenance process is almost complete, and we are expected to be up and running very soon.

Zebra Mussels continue to cause problems for all surface water intakes. The divers cleaned all around our intake and will be back later this week to clean the inside of the pipe. This will be an annual maintenance project to keep water from being restricted to the water treatment plant.”