Ain’t Life Wonderful!        

     Ain't Life Wonderful                                                                                                                       Ronnie Witcher

New York City?

Remember the old Pace Picante Sauce TV commercial from back in the 80’s when the old Texas cowboy types were appreciating the qualities of Pace at a cook off somebody came up with another one. They read the label and disgustingly exclaimed  “New York City?”

We couldn’t help but think about that when we saw a report that the sole finalist for the job as the next head of the vast University of Texas System is the former chancellor of the City University of New York.

New York City? What were they thinking!

Oh well, life keeps bringing these changes - and some of them come way too fast.

The kids, well lots of them anyway, were at the El Rancho Notso Grande yesterday to help me celebrate my 75th birthday.                                                                                                           Can you imagine? I was just a kid not so long ago.

They filled the old above ground pool with the rickety boardwalk around it and played volleyball. It’s the first time I wasn’t in the middle of it – feeling my age, or perhaps fearing I couldn’t keep up with what looked like some fierce competition – I stayed in a sidelines chair and watched.

Yeh, life has its changes.

On the other hand, some new chicks hatched out over the weekend and we enjoyed that, along with two spotted fawns that are showing up in the yard early mornings, the hummingbirds are coming to the feeders, and then there are those kid goats that manage to wiggle under a gate and come into the house pasture to explore. Those kinds of things haven’t changed.

And the joy of watching your grandkids grow up, that hasn’t changed. They’re babies, then learning to walk and talk, and the first thing you know they have braces. Before you know it they’re in the cap and gown and they show up at the house in their own car – or truck – and they have somebody special with them and life goes on. As of now, we seem to have 7 kids, 20 grandkids and 6 great grandkids and I had lots of hugs on my birthday.  Ain’t life wonderful ! 

Here’s hopin’ your birthdays bring you lots of hugs, and your changes are all good ones. We’re rootin’ for ya!

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