The Driver License Office in Lampasas is Not Closing at least not now…

When the political pressure came from the Texas Association of Counties and civil rights groups, along with longstanding critical reports on the subject from the Texas Tribune and resulting objections from lawmakers… a potential plan for closing 87 driver license offices in Texas was scuttled.

It had all started when the Texas Sunset Commission had criticized the Department of Public Safety(DPS) for its inefficiencies in running the driver license offices. They even suggested the most inefficient ones be closed.

The DPS then prepared a list of those most inefficient, which happened to include mostly rural offices, including Lampasas and other Centex locations, and sent it to the Sunset Commission for approval. The news media picked up on it and released the list.

That brought alarm and an uproar from the rural counties, and from their state senators and representatives who defended the local offices. The uproar brought a reply from the DPS that they were only carrying out a task for the Sunset Commission, telling them what the most inefficient offices were.

This put the pressure on the Sunset Commission…and on Wednesday they voted 11-0 to not close the offices. They did however, maintain their belief that the Legislature should consider transferring the driver licensing task to the TxDMV, believing that they might be more efficient.

Every county has local facilities where vehicle licenses are issued, and the Sunset Commission seems to believe (we assume) that it might be more efficient to transfer the driver licensing task to those offices.