The Weather

The High yesterday 97°    This morning’s low  72°   Along with an early morning 92% humidity, it could be hot and sticky today.

The forecast below is all about a stubborn high pressure system that has refused to move out as expected.


Today: Mostly sunny and up to 97° again, but with a heat index at 100° and little breeze to help, perhaps just E-SE occasionally getting up to 5 to 10 mph.    

 Tonight: Mostly clear sky with a low of 74° and S-SE wind 5-10 mph.

Friday: Sunny and up to 97° again, with light S-SE wind again at 5-10 mph.

Overnight the temperature will drop to about 74° again, with the same S-SE wind at 5-10 mph...again.  

The Long Range Outlook:  Saturday will bring another sunny and hot afternoon with S-SE wind 5-10 mph but perhaps a degree cooler for the high. That afternoon high could drop to about 94°on Sunday and the low overnight should be cooler too, maybe 73° as NWS forecasters now believe the high pressure ridge could move for Labor Day.

If so, moisture and cooler temperatures could come in from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing rain chances.