Something to think about…

So often, we are driving on Key Avenue and think, it’s a shame there isn’t a cop here.

We see a speeder or somebody darting in and out of traffic. Almost every day we see a report or two-or three, about reckless drivers in Lampasas. It’s so much worse though, if you go to Austin, which seems to be the capitol of impatient, rude and impulsive drivers. So, we thought this report from DPS Trooper Robbie Barrera was worth reporting:

8-1-18 IH35 NB Service Road 2.5 Mi. north of Austin Preliminary Investigation:  the 2008 F-150 pickup was traveling northbound on the IH-35 service road at a high rate of speed.  A vehicle was making a right turn from the outside lane into a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and another one was leaving the same parking lot at the same time.  The pickup swerved into the left lane to avoid the slow moving traffic.  The driver quickly approached another vehicle that was traveling in the inside lane and attempted to maneuver around it by swerving into the right lane , but lost control in the process.  The pickup went into a left side northeast skid striking a wooden electric pole with the driver side door and a metal guardrail.  Striking the pole caused the pick up to turn around facing north and went over the rail and into the car dealership parking lot running through 9 parked vehicles before turning over.  

The driver of the 2008 F-150 pickup, a Pflugerville man, was dead at the scene.

Impatient drivers, slow down, calm down, you’ll live longer and enjoy life more.

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