Badger Football wrapped up its scrimmage action last night in Elgin and will play their first game in Badger Stadium against Joshua at 7:30pm Friday.

The Freshmen/JV teams will play Joshua on Thursday at Joshua at 5:30/7pm.

Badger Tennis was back in form on Friday, at the top of their game, winning over large schools. They went to 6A Pflugerville’s courts and came away 13-6 winners.

Coach Peiser’s match report showed results:


●Belanger / Fesler played well tonight and won easily.  ●Mixed doubles had a battle.  Posey / Beavers are playing well together and pulled out another win in an 8-6 win.

●Dwamena / Claussen, Munoz/Lampen, Green / Dunning all won in girls doubles.  These six seniors have been playing very well in doubles and are getting more aggressive and more powerful with their shots. 

●These wins gave us a 5-2 lead going into singles…

●In 4 matches we started out behind.  Belanger came from behind to win 8-5.  Allan went back and forth before winning in the tie breaker.  Dwamena came off with a powerful win.  She played great aggressive doubles and singles.  ●Dunning has been playing very good singles as of late and won 8-2. 

●Lampen with a quick win at 8-1. 

●Munoz and Green outlasted their opponents in lengthy matches.  Both are rallying well and playing smart tennis.  ●All 6 senior girls won.  Beavers won in an extra match.  ●The boys did their part by also winning two singles matches tonight.  Neary played his first match at the #1 spot.  He played well but could not maintain the aggressive play needed to outlast a #1 player.  

At the end, the Badgers came away 13-6 winners!

Coach Peiser said he was he was “Very pleased at how well the players were poaching and attacking tonight.  The doubles was aggressive and the singles improved.”

Next up for the team is Brownwood, playing there on Thursday.