The Monarchs Coming South Soon


We never get tired of butterflies, that one insect that is OK with everybody. And, the most common butterfly around here is the Monarch. Monarch butterflies are fascinating. They migrate back and forth from the mountains of southern Mexico to certain spots in the U.S., mostly the far northeastern U.S. and Canadian border area. The migration back to Mexico should be starting up north soon and in September, depending on the weather, they should be around here.


The fascinating thing about Monarch butterflies is that it takes a few generations of them to make the trip from Mexico to the northern U.S..  Those butterflies going north only live a few weeks. They stop along the way and lay eggs on milk weed around here in the spring, then die. Their caterpillars eat the milk weed, turn into butterflies, and continue north, somehow knowing where to go. After a few generations like this, they get to their summer homes further north.

A generation of Monarchs that is born up north seems to lives for several months and are able to make the trip back to Mexico to the winter grounds in the mountains.

At any rate, we get to see the Monarchs heading north in the spring and summer, then we see them again when they head south in the fall, from late August to early October