People Doing Things That Matter


Lampasas ISD Super’ Chane Rascoe passed this on as a story worth telling. It seems the Physical Education teacher at Taylor Creek Elementary, Kyle Black, was understandably interested in getting kids running. He had a vision for how all the kids at Taylor Creek, including his 9 yr old daughter Kelbie, could benefit from it. Kyle soon joined an organization called Marathon Kids that helped schools start running clubs.

Daughter Kelbie wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first, but soon joined in and decided she loved it. The program, supported by Nike, encourages kids to run or walk the equivalent of four marathons (104.8 miles).

Long story short – 70 students signed up and began running 10 minutes every day after school. Kelbie reached her four-marathon goal before anyone else, and she didn’t stop there. In one school year, she reached the equivalent of 21 marathons. That was more than any other Marathon Kid in the country. Altogether, Kelbie’s class of 20 students ran a total of 3,000 miles during their first year as Marathon Kids.

Marathon Kids has now become a school-wide activity at Taylor Creek. Teachers and parents alike are motivated by what they see in their students – and some of them have started running too.   


Then, it seems that Nike invited Kelbie to attend an event at their World Headquarters in June. She shared the stage with two Olympic athletes that were sponsored by Nike. Nike published an article on the Kyle and Kelbie and Taylor Creek story that you can read on the Lampasas Radio Facebook page.   

$1,000 Grant For Shelby Randolph’s Classroom

LHS teacher, Shelby Randolph is being awarded a $1000 grant for her classroom.  Shelby teaches AP English 4, English 4, and Public Speaking. She is also our UIL Academic Coordinator. 

High School Principal Robert White said, “We are very grateful for Ms. Randolph's willingness to go the extra mile for our students.  The grant will allow her to build a classroom library for her students.”