WNL was Great Fun

Lampasas Radio was at Toupsie’s last night for a fun evening with the Calamity Janes, a three sister trio that put on a great acoustic show for a sizeable crowd on hand.

Their show is about harmonizing and fun songs, reminding us a lot of the Dixie Chicks, but a little more friendly. You get very comfortable with these girls after just a few songs. They’re easy to talk to and mingle with the audience pretty quick too.

The show opened with our friend Evelyn Billington who has changed her act a bit. From the Gene Autry’s girl sidekick kind of thing with the big hat doing way-back cowboy songs mixed in with a little Patsy Cline, to the new Evelyn who’s writing and recording more contemporary stuff. But…she’ll still give you a cowgirl yodel song when you ask her to.

We’re going to put on WNL shows all the way through August, looking forward to Camaran Nelson, Jenni Dale Lord and more. Stay tuned !