Waiting for Yet Another New Eatery

Dominos is coming to town!

Here is the story, the former Extraco Bank building at Ave. B and Key sold to John Ed Stepan in late April this year. Stepan plans to move his Ranch Investments office from its past location in the Wittenberg Building to this former Extraco building, but is leasing much of the building to a Domino’s Pizza franchisee.

In comes Ike Coronis of Lago Vista, who, according to a release from the Lampasas EDC, started out as a delivery driver for a Domino’s, and now has stores in Lago Vista, Burnet, Jonestown, and plans the one in Lampasas and another in Brady.

The Lampasas Domino’s will be on the south side of the Key and Ave. B building. We talked to Ike Coronis, and he said that he doesn’t have a firm date on the opening of his new store, but as soon as his part of the remodeling construction gets underway at the Lampasas building, he’ll tell us when he hopes to be delivering pizzas in Lampasas.

As the economy in Texas rebounds from the great recession we continue to see new businesses coming to Lampasas, and it seems that many of them are restaurants. Key Avenue seems to be the most sought after spot for the franchise chains, but there are plenty of independent eateries here too. So, put out the welcome signs, Lampasas is a great place to eat.