Schools Get Grades?

In a controversial move that appears to have upset  numerous school districts around the state, the Texas Education Agency released a new system of giving school systems an overall letter grade for achievement.

That short label of “A” to “F”, according to most educators around the state is misleading and unfair, since there is just so much more to it. There are actually grade categories in the reports for Student achievement, School progress and Closing the gaps, but the one “Overall grade” of A thru F is destined to be what sticks in the mind of observers.


Locally, the Lampasas ISD received this report:

Lampasas County

LAMPASAS ISD        Lampasas County

Total enrollment in 2017-18     3,334

Overall grade C

Grade categories:

Student Achievement  B

School Progress           C

Closing the gaps          C

*source: Texas Education Agency 

Lometa, as a single campus district, didn’t receive the letter grades, only whether or not it met standards. The Lometa ISD report looked like this:


Lampasas County

Total enrollment in 2017-18: 282

Overall Grade:            Met standard

Grade Catagories:

Student Achievement       Met Standard

School Progress               Met Standard

Closing the gaps              Met Standard

*Source: Texas Education Agency

Burnet ISD received the overall “C” grade   Both Copperas Cove and San Saba                              received “B” grades