City Council Meets

The Lampasas City Council met Monday evening in a brief Workshop session followed by a lengthy Regular session. 

In the Workshop, Chamber Board President, Scott Cooley addressed the Council regarding the new agreement with the City for the Chamber’s management of the Tourism and Visitor Center and the use of HOT Funds in the upcoming budget year.  The Board will review the contract and meet again with Council.

Also, in Workshop the date and agenda were set for the next Town Hall Meeting.  It will take place at the Hostess House on September 17th.  To be discussed will be proposed ordinances regulating deer feeding within the city and RV/Trailer street parking.

In Regular session, the Council took the following actions:

● approved a request for a Specific Use Permit to allow for an Accessory Dwelling on E North Avenue, in an area zoned Single Family Residential-6 “SF-6”.  Such accessory dwellings are common throughout the City and often become rental units.  Councilman Robert McCauley noted there was no ordinance regulating them.  Council agreed to consider the matter of regulation in a future workshop, particularly as it could relate to “short-term rentals” that have become a problem in other cities;

● approved a request by the Chamber of Commerce for $3,056.80 in HOT Funding for the 8th Annual Lampasas County Wine Tour;

● approved a $1,000 lease for one year of a Monarch Butterfly sculpture that will be placed in front of City Hall;

● accepted a donation of $3,000 from the Hill Country 100 Club towards the purchase of an aerial thermal camera for the Fire Department;

● approved $6,982.49 for the purchase of a drone-mounted, aerial thermal (FLIR) camera for the Fire Department;

● approved a contract between the City and UniFirst Corporation for uniform rental and laundry services for approximately $21,000 annually;

● approved a Change Order with ASJ Construction for the rehab of the Old City Hall, for an increase of $10,800.  $5,000 of that is a result of the increased costs of metal for the HVAC systems.