It’s that time of year:

Badger Football Practice continues as the team gets ready for their first action this Friday,  Aug 17th at 6pm on Badger Field. The team will go up against University as coaches get a look at their players in real competition.

The First Badger Varsity game will come on Friday, Aug. 31st when the team meets Joshua at 7:30pm at Badger Stadium.

Badger Tennis is Back

Badger Tennis seems to be back in full form as they started their season Friday against Copperas Cove. The team started slow, losing 3-4 in doubles, then dropping two singles matches, but coming back to win the next 6 singles matches to get a solid win. After Cove, the team headed to Killeen Ellison and played a set against each of their players. With the 7 Lampasas Seniors, they were easy winners of 6 of 7 doubles matches and they went on to win all but one singles match. Then it was back home for an unscheduled match with Lakeview on Friday (they were supposed to play Saturday but things changed…so) the team played Lakeview at 6:30pm Friday evening. And, there was a good turnout of fans for the tight match. Lampasas went up 4-3 in doubles and the girls swept all but one singles match. Dani Claussen and Jade Beavers came from behind o win their matches. Mario Aguirre, a new varsity player, played well to win a tie breaker and Brady Carroll and Micah Belanger also played good singles to take their matches. Dax Posey, also new, won an extra match.

On Saturday, it was back on the road for an afternoon matchup with Harker Heights. Coach Kenneth Peiser said they were able to get it all in before the evening showers as Lampasas went up 7-0 in doubles, then the boys swept the singles matches. “The girls also played very well with Megan Dwamena hitting aggressively and Makenzie Munoz hung in there and won, despite not hitting as well as she did Friday. Gillian Lampen played well and David Neary fought hard to come back and win after being down 2-7. Exavier Gonzales and Breanna Sanguinet won in the extra doubles match.”

Badger Tennis is now 4-0 and looking really good. The team now plays Killeen here on Tuesday at 1:30pm – a good chance for local fans to get in some tennis watch. After that home match, the team travels to Georgetown Eastview on Friday for a 4pm match.