The Weekend

Today (Saturday) 

Texas Sales Tax Holiday is on and runs thru Sunday. There is no sales tax on school supplies, back to school clothes and shoes, etc. You can find a complete list in stores but the savings is basically about 8¢ on every dollar on things that have to do with back to school possibilities.

The Cove House Classic Bike Tour is taking place today at Copperas Cove. There should be 100-plus bike riders in that community and out in the surrounding countryside. Be careful as you drive in Cove and the rural areas nearby.

The Lake Victor Homecoming will take place at the Lake Victor Community Center today. BBQ, Beans, Slaw, and Iced Tea will be served at 12:30 pm. Please bring a dessert. It will be the 50th Anniversary of the event and everyone is invited to come share it.


Hanna Springs Pool is closed to the public today, but Hancock Springs Pool is open.

Hanna Springs pool will continue to operate its Water Aerobics program thru August.

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