The Wildfire Report

It is day 198 of the Texas wildfire season. Since last Friday, Texas A&M Forest Service responded to 24 new wildfires for a total of 842 acres. 

557 acres of the above came from the Park Road Fire in Burnet Co. which is now said to be 80% contained. Crews continue to monitor the fire. TV station KXAN reported that a Houston couple came to check on their property near Inks Lake. To their dismay, on arrival they found the fire had destroyed their log cabin, a trailer, and an Airstream camper.

Fire Chief Reece Oestreich told us it was quiet for their Lampasas unit yesterday– for a welcome change. Here’s hoping the slightly cooler afternoons help keep down the fire calls.

Speaking of calls, much has been said and deservedly so, about the firemen out fighting the wildfires. But, one of the important links in this public service we say little about is that of the Dispatchers and 9-1-1 Operators.

They’re not on the front line the way firemen and policemen are, but have painfully stressful jobs with huge responsibilities. In our Lampasas City and County stations, we are served extremely well by our force of dispatchers.

They take the emergency police or fire calls, get the information right, and dispatch the proper units to the scene…and they do it quickly.

We talk to them quite often to get news  reports, and we find them taking their responsibility to serve very seriously.

Thank you, Dispatchers, for jobs well done.   

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