A Look at the Texas Public Schools – In Comparison

We may know that our school system is great, and generally successful students graduate every year…but it may not be so for all public schools in Texas. We took a look at a WalletHub comparison study – state by state:

The good – Texas is about average in Math Test Scores at number 24 among the 50 states and District of Columbia.                

In Median ACT Scores Texas was 25th.

In Pupil-Teacher Ratio Texas was 29th.

In the % of certified K-12 teachers, Texas was 28th.

The not so good Texas fell way down the ladder in                        Reading Test Scores, down to 43rd.

In Median SAT Scores Texas fell to 48th.

Higher on the list…but bad – Texas is 5th in dropout rates.

In Bullying Incidence Rate, Texas is 16th of all states.