The Wildfire Report

News in from Fort Hood where the last big fire, of some 8,500 acres, in this area has been burning.

Fort Hood Fire Chief Sergio Campos said at 1pm yesterday that the range fires were 90% contained.

Luckily, the fires on the Ft. Hood Reservation were on the firing ranges, away from homes or significant buildings.

Campos did say that the West Range Road, on the western portion of the training area, and Triple A Road, in the northern training area, remain closed until further notice.

To help with the fire control effort, two UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopters and crews from Fort Riley, Kansas, joined the Fort Hood crews Friday.

Fort Hood fire personnel and supporting military units will continue firefighting operations to suppress and contain the Fort Hood range fires over the weekend.

The rest of the numerous wildfires in Lampasas and surrounding counties are now considered 100% contained or out.  That, thanks to the service of our local, first on the scene and last to leave, firemen, and to the mutual aid furnished by fire departments in the area, and to the Texas State Forest Service that  furnishes personnel and equipment not always available to the local area firemen. The dozers and airplanes and helicopters make a big difference in fighting the big fires.


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